Dress Code

The attire worn at Crystal Tree should reflect the pride that the membership holds in the club and its surroundings. All persons on the club grounds should be dressed with this principle held in mind. This policy is written to clarify some of the finer points that may not be obvious to everyone. The word “should” indicates a general code, while “must” indicates a rule that will be enforced.

General Clubhouse Attire

·       All clothing should fit properly and must not sag inappropriately.

·       Denim jeans may be worn in the clubhouse, if they are appropriate in style and fit. Cargo pants or shorts with raised or bulged pockets are not allowed. Shorts for men and shorts or skirts for women must be at least mid-thigh in length.

·       Collared shirts must be worn. Collared polo style shirts must be tucked in, full button-down shirts may be left out. Ladies are not required to have a collar on a blouse or dress.

·       Fitness attire must be limited to the locker rooms, 19th hole, and fitness rooms.

·       Pool attire is only allowed at the pool area.

·       Gentlemen should remove hats in the 19th Hole and fitness area, but they must remove hats in every other area of the clubhouse. Bill caps must be worn in the forward position at all times.

·       Children 13 years of age or older must comply with these policies. For children under 13, we encourage dress in compliance with our standards of acceptable casual dress. For example, collared shirts tucked into their slacks or shorts.



The Dining Room

·       Men should generally wear slacks or jeans that are appropriate in fit and style, collared shirt or jacket. Hats must not be worn in the dining areas.

·       Ladies must wear slacks or jeans that are appropriate in fit and style, and an appropriate blouse top (no tank tops or camisoles). A skirt or dress must reach at least mid-thigh. Hats or caps must not be worn in the dining areas.

Golf Course, Practice Facility and 19th Hole

·       No denim, exercise, cargo, swimming or bicycle clothing.

·       Men’s shirts should have a collar (turtle neck and mock neck shirts are allowable).

·       Ladies shirts must be appropriate (no tanktops)

·       Men’s polo style shirts must be tucked in; full button-down camp style shirts (i.e. Tommy Bahama-style shirts) or banded shirts may be left out.

·       Shorts and skirts must be at least mid-thigh in length.

·       Hats must be worn in the forward position.

·       Golf shoes (non-metal spikes) or athletic shoes must be worn on golf course and practice facility.

Tennis Courts

·       Tennis specific collared or collarless shirts should be worn.

·       No tank tops (or sleeveless for men) shirts.

·       Tennis shorts and skirts must be worn.

·       No denim, swim, cargo, or bicycle clothing.

·       Men and ladies must wear tennis shoes.

Fitness Room

·       Acceptable attire is workout clothing, including sweat suits, workout shorts, shorts and T-shirts.

·       No swimwear is allowed

·       Fitness room attire may not be worn in other areas of the Club, except in the locker rooms

Pool Area

·       Golf shorts and fitness attire are not proper swim wear and must not be worn in the pool

Members are asked to use good judgment to help enforce these policies. Please be advised that the club staff has been asked by the Board of Governors to advise members or their guests that if their dress is not in compliance with our dress code policies, they will be restricted from club access or service until they comply with our policies.