Guests of members may be extended guest privileges subject to applicable guest fees, charges and rules and regulations established from time to time by the Board of Governors. Guest privileges may be denied, withdrawn or revoked at any time for reason considered sufficient by the Board of Governors in its sole and absolute discretion. All guests shall be day guests.

1. Day guests may not use the golf or tennis facilities of the Club more than a cumulative total of six times per membership year.

2. Day guest of Social members may use the golf facilities of the Club.

3. A particular individual using the facilities of the Club as a day guest must be registered in the Clubhouse by the sponsoring member with the Club. The Club reserves the right to require identification by each day guest. Day guests must be accompanied by the member at all times when using any facility of the Club, unless otherwise determined by the Club from time to time. Guest of members will be charged guest fees for use of the facilities of the Club as determined from time to time by the Board of Governors.

4. Day guest will be entitled to use the facilities of the Club only in accordance with the privileges of the membership of the sponsoring member.

5. Day guest charges for any services/usage will be charged against the sponsoring member.

6. Day guest privileges may be limited by the Club, from time to time, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Club. Notice of such limitation will be given by the Club.

7. The sponsoring member shall be responsible for all charges incurred by the guest. The sponsoring member is also responsible for the conduct of the day guest while at the Club. If the manner, deportment or appearance of any day guest is deemed to be unsatisfactory, the sponsoring member, shall, at the request of the Club, cause such day guest to leave the premises of the Club.


1. The rules of golf of the U.S.G.A. together with the Rules of Etiquette as adopted by the U.S.G.A. shall be the rules of the Club, except when in conflict with the local rules or with any of the rules herein.

2. All members and guests must register with the Professional Staff before beginning play.

3. “Cutting-in” is not permitted at any time. All players must check in with the starter. Under no circumstances are players per- mitted to start play from residences. Play may not commence from other than the first tee without the approval of the Professional Staff.

4. Practice is not allowed on the Golf Course unless in a playing lesson with a member of the Professional Staff.

5. All players who stop at the halfway house must occupy the next tee before the following players arrive at the tee or they will lose their position on the golf course.

6. All tournament play must be approved in advance by the Golf Committee.

7. Enter and leave bunkers at the nearest level point to the green. Smooth sand over with a rake upon leaving and place rake in the trap with the handle pointing out of the trap.

8.     Repair all ball marks on green.

9.     Replace all divots when at all possible. If not, use sand bottles to fill divots in the fairway only.

10. Golfers may look for their lost ball, but “ball hawking” is not allowed on the course at any time.

11. Golf rangers will be on duty to help regulate play and enforce golf cart regulations. The golf rangers have full authority on the golf course to enforce all rules and speed of play. Your cooperation is appreciated.

12. Each player must have his or her own set of golf clubs.

13. Appropriate golf attire is required for all players on the golf course and practice facility. Members are expected to ensure that their guests and children adhere to such rules.

Men: Shirts with collars (mock collars included) and sleeves, slacks, golf shorts or walking shorts are considered appropriate attire. Shirts must be tucked-in, unless they are full button-down camp style shirts. Tank tops, tee shirts, fishnet tops, cut-offs, sweatpants, jeans, bathing suits, shorts with bulging pockets, tennis shorts or other athletic shorts are not permitted. Golf hats are to be worn in a forward position and are not permitted inside the clubhouse other than in the locker

room, Golf Shop and 19th Hole.

Women: Dresses, skirts, slacks, golf shorts, mid-length shorts and blouses are considered appropriate attire. Halter or tank tops, tee shirts, fishnet tops, bathing suits, sweatpants, jeans, tennis dresses, athletic shorts or cut-offs are not permitted.

Shoes: Appropriate golf shoes are required on the golf course and practice areas. Use of shoes other than golf shoes must be approved by the Professional Staff.

This dress code is mandatory of all players. Improperly dressed golfers will be asked to change before playing. If you are in doubt concerning your attire, please check with the Professional Staff before starting play. Any misuse or disregard of these rules may cause privileges to be reviewed or suspended.

14. If lightning is in the area, the Professional Staff will sound a horn. You are instructed to immediately cease play, and proceed to the closest shelter or to the Clubhouse, whichever is closer. You will be responsible for the safety of your guests and attendant caddies. Do not rely on the horn as your sole warning device, as you may not hear it or it may be in disrepair. If you see or hear potentially dangerous weather approaching, take shelter immediately and get any caddies to safety.

15. The Golf or Grounds department may close the golf course whenever the grounds could be damaged by play.

16. In order to provide the utmost playing pleasure for all members, the Club reserves the right, from time to time, to establish rules governing access with respect to the golf course.  

17. The golf course is for the exclusive use of Club members and guests when playing golf at the authorized times. Walking, jogging, bicycling, sledding or fishing by non golfers is not permitted on the golf course at any time.

18. The Crystal Tree Golf and Country Club Golf Committee will establish specific hours of play prior to the start of each golf season.

19. Juniors (children of Golf Members) under the age of 15 may play on all days after 3:00 PM when accompanied by a parent or an adult member. Juniors who have acquired a Gold Bag Tag do not need to be accompanied by an adult and may play during the Junior Age 15 – 22 scheduled times.

20. Juniors (children of Golf Members) ages 15–22 years may play on Tuesdays after 2:30 PM, Wednesdays before 10:30 AM, and after 2:30 PM, Thursdays after 2:30 PM, Fridays before 10:30 AM and after 2:30 PM, and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays after 11:30 AM.


21. Social Members are welcome to play a cumulative total of six (6) playable rounds of golf each year. The six (6) rounds may be played with other members of the club or with guests of the Social Member. Tee off times are subject to the established times noted in the General Club Rules in the Roster of Membership. Social Members cannot be a guest of a Golf Member. When playing with a Golf Member, that round is considered one of the six (6) permitted playable rounds. When the spouse plays with the Social Member, only one (1) round will be counted toward the maximum of six (6) rounds – the Social Member’s round is counted and the spouse is considered a guest. A Social Member’s spouse will be allowed to use any or all of the six (6) rounds allotted, if the Social Member doesn’t use them. Therefore, a spouse of a Social member is permitted to play with another Member or with guests, but this round would be counted as one (1) playable round toward the maximum of six (6) rounds of the Social Member for the year. In this case the spouse acting as the Social Member and therefore cannot be a guest.

22. Groups with less than four players may play at the discretion of the Professional Staff if space is available. These groups should not expect to play through foursomes and should not exert any pressure on the groups ahead. Foursomes shall have the right of way.

23. Groups with less than four players will be grouped to form foursomes when possible to maintain the proper pace of play.


1. All golfers using the practice facility must follow the same dress code established for anyone using the golf course.

2. Guests of Golf Members may use the facility only prior to a round of golf. (Members will be charged a guest fee on any day a guest used the practice facility).

3. Social Members, their families, or their guest are only allowed to use the practice facility prior to utilizing one of their six (6) rounds of golf, unless they have elected to pay the appropriate annual single or family range membership fee.

4. The practice area at the southwest corner of the facility is reserved for lessons with the Professional Staff only.

5. Children of a Golf Member that are under the age of 15 may not use the facility unless supervised by a parent or are a Gold Bag Tag holder.

6. Juniors must yield to Members and their guests if the teeing area is full.

7. To allow for the teeing area to grow new grass after regular usage, the practice facility will be designated as ARTIFICIAL TURF USE ONLY on a periodic basis. All golfers must adhere to this restriction when posted.



Monday: Closed

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Opens 1/2 hr. before the golf course.

Thursday or Friday: Opens at 9:30am (Practice Facility Cutting Day).


These hours may be adjusted on a daily basis due to inclement weather or maintenance.


1. Guest times are posted in the General Club Rules in the Roster of Membership. An individual may not be a guest at the Club of one or more members during the season for an aggregate of more than six days during the membership year (stag days excluded).

2. Children of Golf Members, under age 15 with a Gold Bag Tag, are permitted one guest. The children must register with the Professional Staff and permission of the member parent is required. Children of Golf Members, 15 to 22, inclusive, are permitted up to three guests. Registration shall be made with the Professional Staff and such guests shall be registered and permission of a member parent is required.

3. A club member may have no more than three guests for a round of golf between and including Memorial Day and Labor Day and no more than 7 guests after Labor Day and before Memorial Day without advance permission from the Professional Staff. Application for more than 3 guests shall be made by letter or email to the Golf Committee chairman and the Golf Professional specifying the date and time desired.

4. Golf Members introducing guests to the club must register them with the Professional Staff and provide the first and last name of each guest. Members are encouraged to notify the Professional Staff in advance of their guest’s arrival to provide better golf and locker room service and direction to the guest.



The hours of play will be posted in the Golf Guide and Golf Shop. The Golf Course Superintendent, the Golf Professional, chairman of the Grounds and Greens and chairman of the Golf committee when available are authorized to determine when the golf course is fit for play. Their decision shall be final. If none of these persons is available, the Assistant Golf Professionals on duty shall decide.


1. Golf carts will be available to all players on a “first come, first served” basis immediately prior to teeing off. Golf carts cannot be reserved in advance, or used without Professional Staff or Bag Room Staff on duty.

2. Each operator of a golf cart must be at least sixteen years of age and have a valid automobile driver’s license.

3. Golf carts shall not be used off the property of the Club without proper assignment and registration by the Professional Staff.

4. Only two person and two sets of golf clubs are permitted per golf cart.

5. A group using two carts must utilize a fore caddie when available.

6.     Caddies are not allowed to drive carts at any time, or ride on the back of a cart.

7.     Obey all golf cart traffic signs.

  1. Drivers must use golf cart paths near tees and greens. Players are required to remain on golf cart paths, without exception, on Par 3 holes. Carts should scatter in fairways and roughs on all Par 4 and Par 5 holes, and are encouraged to truly scatter. Daily procedural use of carts on the course will be posted at the 1st Tee by the Grounds Staff, and posted on the carts by the Golf Staff.

9. A blue stake will designate when carts must return to the path near the greens on Par 4 and Par 5 holes.

10. Except on cart paths, do not drive a golf cart within thirty yards of a green, or thirty feet of a tee or a bunker.

11. Excessive speed or reckless driving is prohibited.

12. Never drive a golf cart through a hazard.

13. Be careful to avoid soft areas and steep grades on fairways and rough, especially after rains; use the cart paths or firm ground.

14. It is extremely dangerous to carry a golf club in your hand while riding in the cart. Arms and legs should be kept within the cart at all times.

15. Lock the parking brake when the vehicle is left unattended. Be sure that the parking brake is released during operation.

16. Operation of a golf cart is at the risk of the operator. Cost of repair to the golf cart which is damaged by a member will be charged to the member or, in case or damage by a guest, to the sponsoring member. The member will be held fully responsible for any and all damages caused by the golf cart, and the member shall reimburse the Club for any and all damages the Club may sustain, including without limitation, damage to other golf carts and any property of the Club.

17. When the “Carts on Path Only” signs are posted, they must be strictly followed.

18. “Course Closed” or “Hole Closed” signs are to be adhered to without exception.

19. Golf carts shall be driven on the golf course only when the course is open for play.

20. Violations of golf cart rules may result in loss of golf cart privileges and/or playing privileges.

21. Except when Rule No. 18 is in effect, handicapped designated carts may be driven within 10 feet of any tee, green or bunker and such carts may leave and return to the cart paths inside the blue stakes. These carts may never be driven on or across greens or tees. Only Golf Members or their spouses who are holders of a permanent handicapped license plate issued by the Secretary of the State of Illinois or those carts with an extended flag authorized by the Professional Staff on a daily basis will be allowed a handicapped cart use. All such carts, when in use, will have visible identification.

22. Pushcarts are available when no walking caddies are available, and after 2pm any day or after 10am when the Cart Path Only rule is in effect. Only club owned pushcarts are allowed.


1. The right to use a privately owned golf cart is a non-transferable and non-assignable personal right. Unauthorized private carts will not be allowed access to the golf course.

2. All Private golf cart owners shall be required to sign a Trail Fee Lease Agreement with Crystal Tree Golf & Country Club before the cart is permitted on Club property.

3. An identification number will be issued for the cart when the application, proof of liability insurance and Trail fee payment are received.

4. Each year, a member owning a private golf cart shall be required to provide the Club with proof that the operation of the golf cart is covered by a liability insurance policy of the member, with policy limits in such amounts as determined from time to time by the Club, and shall require that such policy provide that it can only be canceled upon thirty days prior written notice to the Club. The Club requires the following; liability insurance minimum limits of $500,000 for each occurrence and $500,000 aggregate cover- age by the member.

5. A member using a private golf cart will be held fully responsible for any and all damages caused by the golf cart, and the member shall reimburse the Club for any and all damages the Club may sustain, including without limitation, damage to other golf carts and any property of the Club.

6. Annual trail fees for private golf carts owned by Regular and Social members respectively will be established from time to time by the Club. The Club does not allow a member to pay and use a private golf cart on a per round basis.

7. The annual trail fee includes only the member, spouse and the member’s children under the age of twenty-three living at home or attending school full time with a regular driver’s license and who are named on the trail fee application.

8. Use of private carts is restricted to licensed drivers who will operate the cart in a safe, prudent manner and in accordance with all governmental regulations.

9. The annual trail fees will be billed on a membership year basis with January 1st the effective date. The annual trail fee is non-refundable.

10. The annual trail fees shall not be prorated, except for the first year a Regular or Social member applies for a private cart privilege.

11. Privately owned golf carts must be annually approved by the Club as complying with the appearance and other standards set forth which match our electric golf cart fleet, color, with a wind- shield and head light package. Yamaha, EZ GO, Club Car and Prestige brand golf carts are the only approved brands for Crystal Tree Golf & Country Club. Allowable colors are white and beige. See Golf Cart Check list.

12. A maximum of two riders and two golf bags per golf cart is allowed.

13. Four passenger carts are allowed in order to facilitate travel to and from the clubhouse facilities. If the four passenger cart is used to play golf, only two riders are permitted.

14. Members or guests may ride with each other but may not loan their cart to other members or to guests.

15. A member’s spouse and his or her immediate family (see rule #7) may ride free when riding with a member in the member’s own private golf carts, other members or guests will be charged our current standard electric golf cart charge established by Crystal Tree Golf & Country Club.

16. Members with a private golf cart must check in with the Professional Staff prior to beginning play. Cart traffic on the golf course is restricted to nine and eighteen hole rounds of play, unless the member is en route to the clubhouse to participate in other, non- golf activities. For these occasions, “cart path only” rules apply.

17. Caddies are not permitted to ride inside or outside the cart unless the pro staff has authorized for a specific event.

18. Violations of these rules and regulations may result in the revocation of private cart privileges, playing privileges and/or suspension or termination of membership privileges.


1. Handicaps are computed under the supervision of the Handicap Committee and the Golf Professional in accordance with the current U.S.G.A Handicap System.

2. All handicaps submitted for play may be reviewed by the Handicap Committee and adjusted at the Committee’s discretion.

3. Members are responsible for posting all scores in the computer on a daily basis. Any member failing to post a score will have a penalty score posted as outlined in the U.S.G.A guidelines and may be subject to an adjustment. Rounds played alone are not postable.

4. The CDGA handicap system will be used to keep track of scores posted for all rounds played. The Handicap Committee will determine if there are violations by members in keeping their handicaps recorded accurately. All rounds played on “in-season” courses shall be posted by the member, or in the case of a tournament score, by the Professional Staff. Many areas in the South are “in- season” year round. Any round of 7 to 12 holes shall be posted as a 9-hole round, any round of 13 to 18 holes shall be posted as an 18-hole round.


Persons using the golf course should do their part to make a round of golf at Crystal Tree Golf and Country Club a pleasant experience for everyone. Here are some suggestions.

1. Anticipate the club or clubs you may need, and go directly to your ball. Always be near your ball to play promptly when it is your turn, and play ready-golf when behind.

2. The time required holing out on and around the green is a chief cause of slow play. Study and clear the line of your putt while others are doing the same. Be ready to putt when it is your turn.

3. Be sociable, but reserve your extended conversations for the 19th hole.

4. When approaching a green, park your cart on the cart path on the best direct line to the next tee. Never leave the golf cart in front of the green where you will have to go back to get it, while the following players wait for you to get out of the way.

5. When play of the hole is completed, leave the green promptly and proceed to the next tee without delay. Do the scoring for the completed hole while the others in your group are playing from the next tee.

6. It is extremely important to stay within one shot of the group in front of you. If a faster group is behind you, and there is space in front of you and behind the group in back of you, then you should let that group play through.

7. Repair your ball marks on the greens and two more if you can.

8. Any divots made should be replaced, if possible. If the divot is too shallow, use the sand provided in the carts or with your caddie to fill divots in the fairway, or the sand on the tee box to fill divots on the tee. Do not use sand to fill divots in the rough.

9. Carefully rake sand traps after use. Leave the rake handles on the edge of the bunker and rake heads toward the middle of the bunker.

10. The golf rangers will report slow play and all breaches of golf etiquette to the Golf Committee, which will take the appropriate action.