Membership Opportunities

Designed to fit the social and golfing interests of individuals and families.


Regular Voting Members have full privileges of all Club facilities without additional costs of green fees, courts fees or pool fees. A Regular Voting member is entitled to cast 1 vote.


Social Members have full use of the tennis, swimming, fitness and social facilities of the club. A Social Membership entitles the named member to also use the golf facilities of the club a total of 6 times each calendar year.

Crystal Tree Golf and Country Club is a private, member-owned Club and membership is by invitation only. Two current voting members in good standing must sponsor those who wish to be considered. Final approval for admission is granted by the Board of Governors.


A Corporate 2000 Membership provides that a validly existing corporation may designate one Primary Member and up to (5) non-voting, non-equity Regular Designates. Regular Designates have full privileges of all club facilities without an additional cost of green fees, courts fees or pool fees. The Primary and Designate Member pays all the standard dues and fees customary to what a regular Full Golfing Membership. A Primary or Designate Member be replaced upon payment of a transfer fee.

A Corporate Membership has no restrictions and is treated as a Regular Golfing Membership.


An Intermediate 2000 Membership is available to individuals 21 years of age to 39 years of age.

An Intermediate 2000 Member has full privileges of the club facilities without additional cost of green fees, court fees or pool fees. An Intermediate 2000 Member gains the right to vote, serve on committees and hold elective office when the admission fee is paid in full and the Member is reclassified as a Regular Voting Member. An Intermediate Member is responsible for any assessments and the amount is based on the age of the member.


For more information and to set up a private tour, please contact Sunny Sherard at 708-364-8055